About Us

We are pleased to announce that effective 7/1/2020 WIFMA is now part of APWA. For further information on APWA “click here”

Who we are

The Wisconsin Facility Management Association was created in order to provide fellow facility managers a community to connect with in order to evolve the way we manage facilities. We are a non-profit group made up of leaders and professionals in the state of Wisconsin working in the public sector who seek to collaborate with each other to find the best way to serve our customers, employees, and the public. Our goal is to share our knowledge and experiences of what has worked well in the facilities management field of public buildings, whether they are schools, libraries, office buildings, airports, correctional facilities, or anywhere in between. There is much to learn from each other to help us all perform to our fullest capabilities and to serve in the best way that we can!

Our Mission Statement

To advance and promote the collaboration of facilities management professionals in the local government sector through shared knowledge, experiences and resources.

WIFMA Statement of Purpose

To provide the best environment and services for people to work, do business, and live within the public domain.